Caffeine and Diabetes

Does drinking coffee impact your blood sugar levels? For me, I’ve realized that a black cup of coffee actually lowers my blood sugar levels. I’ve heard many different experiences from other diabetics, some saying that coffee does not impact¬† their sugar whatsoever, while others seem to find that caffeine puts their blood sugar levels through the roof. Fortunately, my coffee drinking habits have a positive impact on my sugar levels, most of the time.

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CGM Series Part 2: Placement

It’s been several months since I started using my Dexcom CGM and I really can’t imagine my life without it! A few weeks ago, I went out of town and forgot to bring my weekly replacement sensor. Having to do finger test strips to check my blood sugar was such a hassle; I couldn’t believe that I was checking five, six, seven times a day using my Accu-Check I constantly felt the impulse to reach for my CGM to check my sugar. Out of habit, I check it literally whenever I get the chance since it’s always next to me. Even when I feel fine and I know my blood sugar should be stable, I’m always curious to see where I’m at. That weekend without my CGM reaffirmed my appreciation for the technology, it has quite literally become my lifeline. From months of use, there are several things I’ve learned since my initial days of using a CGM that other users may find helpful.

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What’s In My Shopping Cart?

Groceries We all have our “staple” food items that are absolutely always in our fridge or cupboard; these staple items become even more important when you have dietary restrictions or food allergies. Being type 1 diabetic, I always have an abundance of both low-carb meal options and snacks, along with some higher carb items to treat lows.

I love peanut butter and fortunately, it is a really great low-carb high-protein breakfast option to spread on a couple pieces of Healthy Life Bread. The Jif To Go PB is an easy snack I can throw in my lunchbox with a bag of celery to take to school or work when I’m in a hurry and recently, Jif came out with two new products: Almond and Cashew butter. I purchased the cashew butter and absolutely love it! It’s slightly more filling than peanut butter, and makes for a great alternative to PB throughout the week. Continue reading

How I Ate Low-carb on Thanksgiving

Diabetes doesn’t give you a “day off” on vacations or holidays; staying healthy is a full-time commitment. Eating healthy with diabetes doesn’t have to be miserable or disappointing though. In fact, I ate low-carb this thanksgiving and enjoyed my thanksgiving dinner just as much as everyone else!

I loaded my dinner plate up with the main event: turkey. Since meat contains virtually zero carbohydrates, turkey and gravy is the best choice for low-carbers. I passed on the cranberry sauce, especially after realizing just how much added sugar goes into the recipe! For sides I chose roasted veggies, minus the potatoes.

My all-time favorite thanksgiving dish is mashed potatoes, and I didn’t have to go without them this year! I found a very simple LC mashed potato recipe that is nearly just as good as the real thing! Instead of using potatoes I used cauliflower, a much lower-carb option!

Mashed and cauliflower potatoes
Mashed potatoes and mashed cauliflower side by side. Can you spot the “mock” version?

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What Low-Carb Means to Me

Low-carb means different things to different people. For some diabetics, it means staying under 30g per day which means using little, if any meal insulin. For a very long time, that’s what low-carb meant to me too, and I felt extraordinarily healthy following a >30g carb diet. I had tons of energy, weighed 135lbs with a 5’9 frame, and never craved sugar. Ever. However, things have changed since then. My insulin production is nonexistent now, life got busier and a ketogenic diet suddenly became less practical for my lifestyle right now.

Low Carb Zone Sign

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JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes

In the past, I’ve been to two JDRF¬†walks in Chicago. JDRF is the largest research organization for juvenile diabetes and holds annual “walks” every November to fundraise for type 1 diabetes research. Although the walk is not as physically intense as other fundraising walks/runs seem to be (such as the Susan G. Komen foundation), it is a great way to bring together a community of type 1 diabetics, their family and friends for a wonderful cause.

JDRF Walk Logo

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CGM Cases: A Fasionable Alternative

I’ve had my Dexcom CGM for only a couple of months, and it’s already been dropped, scratched and suffered some minor damage. It’s inevitable though; my CGM is such a small device that needs to be taken everywhere, and is not necessarily built to be thrown into purses and backpacks as carelessly as I do.

Since type 1 diabetes is such a rare disease and having a CGM is more of a luxury than it is a necessity, finding a case that suits your needs can be difficult since very few varieties are manufactured. I did receive a free case when I first ordered my Dexcom bundle; it was bulky, leather, ugly, and not something I would want to carry around with me all day. I’d rather just slip my CGM into my pocket instead of carrying it around in a case that made the device feel like three times its actual size.

Zip ID Wallet: before stitch removalZip ID Wallet: after stitch removal with my Dexcom

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